cave à vins

Fine wines and champagnes
in an air-conditioned cellar.

In order to maintain the quality of its subtlest products,
les anciens établissements Fratacci B.B. Modi in Djibouti has an air-conditioned cellar where high quality wines, liqueurs and champagnes are kept in controlled temperature and light conditions.

gros détaille

Large distribution
and retail network.

Les anciens établissements Fratacci B.B. Modi in Djibouti offers very convenient purchase options.
Wholesale, semi-wholesale as well as retail meet the needs of a demanding and varied clientèle.


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About Us

Larry's Office

The office of the CEO of les anciens établissements Fratacci B.B. Modi, Bihari “Larry” Modi, is a veritable museum containing a thousand memories, a homage to brotherly love where the history of French forces stationed in Djibouti was written, along with that of the many American, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese forces passing through or permanently stationed in Djibouti.
It is also a warm, friendly environment where lasting, in some cases eternal friendships are formed.

Larry's office