Fratacci B.B. Modi, Supporting the Cause of Women

One more in the rough seas that seem to be rocking the wide raft of our human race. Fratacci B.B. Modi in Djibouti valiantly participated in this peaceful attempt to move the masses, to change the world, by offering snacks and refreshments to the 1,000 or so people who made up the peaceable procession of Djibouti women angered by the violence done to women all over the world.

A few famous alcoholics

Although drunkenness leads to a type of human degradation, in some very rare cases it can heighten a certain kind of human genius, but at a high cost: illness, depression, premature death. We can never repeat this often enough: “Learn to appreciate and consume in great moderation.”

A Short History of Wine

The latest archaeological discoveries reveal that wine was probably the first drink created by humanity on earth. Discover in this short video some surprising facts about wine.

Orange Juice: 100% Fruit Juice, with No Added Sugar.

Orange juice sales are growing fast worldwide and especially in France where sales have practically rocketed. The French people, who used to have only the revolting habit of dunking their croissants in their hot chocolate or their Camembert toasts in their morning cup of steaming black coffee, decided, by virtue of a Pavlovian mimicry of films, to begin the sacrosanct petit-déjeuner with a nice big glass of orange juice, full of vitamins and rich in fibre.

Act 2: In Vino Satanas or Thou Shalt Not Drink

Human prohibition having produced nothing good, unless you count seeing small-time contraband crooks turning into big-time organized crime bosses, what about the divine prohibition invoked by religions?

Act 1: Modern Prohibition

At the beginning of the twentieth century, wise and well-informed people must have said to themselves that this last century of the second millennium must end on solid ground.
High society at that time had not yet experienced France’s May 1968, where the one thing it was easy to take away, between two teargas-infused slogans, was that it was forbidden to forbid.

A Brief History of Prohibitions: Introduction

From the time civilized human beings first walked this planet, the misdemeanours they have committed due to overindulgence in alcohol are numerous and, as the butterfly effect demands, such misdemeanours are sometimes just the beginning of a long series of foolish acts.
It is perhaps due to these chaotic stumblings of our brief history that humanity took it into its head to drastically curb alcohol consumption or even impose a long-term ban on it.

A Popular History of the Drinks of Antiquity – Part 3/3

Beer, wine, coffee, tea … these are all still drunk today and yet these drinks date back some way, which leads to the seemingly inevitable conclusion that we are standing still! Yet this is not the case at all; we have evolved. By way of a very short popular history of the drinks of antiquity, we will see that the Mesopotamians used to eat beer, that the Romans watered their wine, that coffee was first consumed by a herd of goats, and that tea was behind the creation of infusion sachets.