Selected Digest – July 2019

We have, as we do every month, the best of the beverage news right here: the medical world prescribing coffee, contraband alcohol that’s killing en masse, a thirst-stricken France in 2050, a 23-mile-long river of whiskey, wine in cans: the ultimate sacrilege or a challenge to a French way of life?, the woman who always sells (even coffee), and finally a power struggle between wine and GAFA …

Selected Digest – June 2019

Drinking a Liquorice Tea or Two Could Land You in Hospital, An Archaeology of Beer with Travis Rupp, Is Coffee Good for You? Good News: A Breastfeeding Mother Can Drink Wine, Drinking Water on Earth, But Not for All…

Selected Digest – May 2019

The rise of “Luckin Coffee,” the Chinese answer to Starbucks; the serious slip-up on the set of Game of Thrones; the brewer who struck a wrong note; arsenic-laced Dr Pepper; California’s undrinkable tap water; and the whisky that is worth much more than its weight in gold.

Selected Digest – April 2019

Dirty water in USA, the mental power of a cup of coffee, a meal of beer, drinking only fruit juice can cause serious brain damage, the end of the swiss dream, Evian and the sustainable drinking water…

Selected Digest – March 2019

The top 30 best wines, according to Vivino and Forbes Magazine, the benefits of lemon, a man from Ohio who is going to fast for 40 days, getting his nutrients only from … beer, the scandalous tale of a Zambian energy drink that energized parts other drinks couldn’t reach, Iceland’s strange prohibition, curing dipsomaniac rats …

Selected Digest – February 2019

France still in First Place for Wine, Egypt’s Grands Crus rediscovered!, Brexit and the scottish whisky indutrie, the coffee initiative in Kenya, and the latest news from the world of drinks … B. B. Modi Fratacci Djibouti offers you a round-up of the best articles from the specialist media every month.

Selected Digest – January 2019

Planting a vine on Mars, the alcohol industry’s rather unscrupulous marketing ploys, liquidized “detox” diets, Metallica swapping their guitars and microphones for brewers’ aprons, and the latest news from the world of drinks … B. B. Modi Fratacci Djibouti offers you a round-up of the best articles from the specialist media every month.

Best Wishes for 2019

To mark the start of 2019, we would like to share with you a short animation, made specially for les anciens établissements Fratacci B.B. Modi: “The Sleeper in the Valley.” Through the medium of CGI, dramatic adaptation has been made of Arthur Rimbaud’s famous poem; this superlative work of nineteenth-century French poetry is dedicated to the French soldiers who fell on the battlefields.

Fratacci B.B. Modi, Supporting the Cause of Women

One more in the rough seas that seem to be rocking the wide raft of our human race. Fratacci B.B. Modi in Djibouti valiantly participated in this peaceful attempt to move the masses, to change the world, by offering snacks and refreshments to the 1,000 or so people who made up the peaceable procession of Djibouti women angered by the violence done to women all over the world.

A few famous alcoholics

Although drunkenness leads to a type of human degradation, in some very rare cases it can heighten a certain kind of human genius, but at a high cost: illness, depression, premature death. We can never repeat this often enough: “Learn to appreciate and consume in great moderation.”