Best Wishes for 2019

To mark the start of 2019, we would like to share with you a short animation, made specially for les anciens établissements Fratacci B.B. Modi: “The Sleeper in the Valley.” Through the medium of CGI, dramatic adaptation has been made of Arthur Rimbaud’s famous poem; this superlative work of nineteenth-century French poetry is dedicated to the French soldiers who fell on the battlefields.

Fratacci B.B. Modi, Supporting the Cause of Women

One more in the rough seas that seem to be rocking the wide raft of our human race. Fratacci B.B. Modi in Djibouti valiantly participated in this peaceful attempt to move the masses, to change the world, by offering snacks and refreshments to the 1,000 or so people who made up the peaceable procession of Djibouti women angered by the violence done to women all over the world.

Djibouti celebrates France’s World Cup victory.

Last night, most of Djibouti was in sync with Les Bleus. Djiboutians, along with expats and French military personnel, were united in an incredible explosion of pure joy. Just like in many other nations, the vibrant young people in the smallest country on the Horn of Africa have football in their blood.

41e anniversaire de l’indépendance.

Le 27 juin dernier, toute la république de Djibouti était en fête. Cet anniversaire, 41 ans déjà ! marque surtout le tournant majeur d’un pays qui saute à pieds joints dans la nouvelle ère de l’économie globalisée.

Sagar Attack! Tempête tropicale sur Djibouti.

Tout le monde était prévenu. La technologie a du bon. Grâce aux alertes lancées à la radio, à la télévision et les messageries instantanées Facebook et Whats’app, chaque citoyen ou résident de la république de Djibouti ne pouvait ignorer la venue de « Sagar », la tempête tropicale tant redoutée. Dans les mémoires anciennes, vivaient encore, terrifiantes et meurtrières, les maudites journées du 21 novembres 1994 et 13 avril 2004.