Selected Digest – March 2019

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March 2019: The Best of the beverage industry.

The top 30 best wines, according to Vivino and Forbes Magazine, the benefits of lemon, a man from Ohio who is going to fast for 40 days, getting his nutrients only from ... beer, the scandalous tale of a Zambian energy drink that energized parts other drinks couldn’t reach, Iceland’s strange prohibition, curing dipsomaniac rats ...

The Laser of Independence

Great news for those who are heavily alcohol-dependent: American scientists may be able to free them of their addiction by blasting their brains with laser beams. No, Darth Vader and his lightsaber haven’t decided to take on treating chronic alcoholism among poor wretches on the dark side of the sauce; the cure is to be achieved via brain implants, but the technological advances needed to perfect them are still a few decades away ... so there’s still time to have a few more “for the road.” 

An article on explains how scientists have tamed alcohol dependence in impenitent rodent drunkards.

Drinkable Cannabis

Following a busy career with the second biggest American  beer maker, Keith Villa, holder of a PhD in brewing sciences, decided to create his own brand, concocting a very unusual formula made using ... cannabis. This Belgian-style nonalcoholic beer, infused with Indian hemp, sold out completely in less than four hours. The quantity of THC (the chemical element that gives cannabis its euphoric effects) in the beer is not specified, but one thing’s for sure, the “taste” of cannabis is having a “polarizing” effect on a large part of the clientele. While we’re on the subject, why not an alcoholic cannabis beer? Because, in the North-American market coveted by the brand, sales of drinks that combine alcohol and marijuana are banned.

The Benefits of Lemon

Do we really need to remind you of lemon juice’s natural health benefits? There are so many of them, but recalling some of the main benefits to human health that regular consumption of lemon provides is not without its merits: it can help with constipation, dental problems, throat infections, respiratory disorders, high blood pressure, and lots more.

An article on will probably have you running to clear out your nearest greengrocer and fill your refrigerator with this excellent yellow fruit with its many varieties and inimitable culinary flavour.

The Top 30 Wines of the World

Vivino, the startup that created the first social network for the wine industry, just announced its top 30 world wines ... and the top-ranking ones are not the most expensive! Heading the list is a Californian wine, with Bordeaux origins (“Of course!” partisan opinion cries, reassured to see that French wine, even transplanted to the planet Mars, will always make an excellent vintage).

Thou Shalt Not Eat, But Thou Shalt Drink ...

For 46 days, the length of Lent, a man from Ohio will sustain himself not with dry bread and water, but with only beer ... Are you thinking that’s just the kind of record a North American would want to achieve? In fact, it’s an old monastic tradition dating back to the Middle Ages that our (it must be said) athletically built devotee wants to revive. When you factor in the knowledge that the beverage was sacred in Ancient Mesopotamia too (and was considered as a foodstuff at the time), the zealous enterprise takes on the air of a pious “archaeological” admiration.

Who Invented “Afternoon Tea”?

You may suspect a trap lurking behind this oh so British expression ... But, no, it is indeed a thoroughly English invention (one that the French would not take long to ape though, with their heure du goûter). A reminder of the noble history that has become the proud cliché of an entire people, much like Big Ben, Tower Bridge, drizzle, London taxis, Hyde Park’s Speakers’ Corner, the stiff upper lip, pop music, and so on.

A Drink to Energize the Parts Other Drinks Cannot Reach

When you need to tone up your body, you need to strengthen all its muscles. From the brain to the calves, via the “corpora cavernosa”, so what’s needed is to develop a drink that can revitalize all of this shapeless, fibrous mass. A Zambian business had the excellent idea of concocting a drink containing viagra ... Well why not? After all there are perfectly legal cannabis drinks! However, the slight hiccup was that the aforementioned Zambian drink contained a dose rather higher than that usually prescribed by doctors in cases of ... dysfunction of the flaccid member. In other words, a beverage that should never have made it onto the region’s shelves, given that Viagra, even when prescribed, can cause cardiac arrest.

A highly scandalous story, which you can read in the South African online magazine Citypress.

The Strange Prohibition of Colder Climes

Iceland is known for its geothermal energy, much like that found in Djibouti, for its capricious volcanoes with names both unpronounceable and impossible to spell, but did you know that the country held the record for one of the longest and strangest prohibitions in the modern world? This year, Iceland is celebrating the thirtieth year since it legalized beer.

You can read more on The Reykjavik Grapevine.

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