Selected Digest – January 2019


January 2019: The Best of the beverage industry.

Planting a vine on Mars, the alcohol industry’s rather unscrupulous marketing ploys, liquidized “detox” diets, Metallica swapping their guitars and microphones for brewers’ aprons, and the latest news from the world of drinks ... B. B. Modi Fratacci Djibouti offers you a round-up of the best articles from the specialist media every month.

Death of the World’s Best Sommelier

A simple, self-effacing man, touching in his kind-heartedness, and yet a world authority in oenology, died on 16 January this year. There has been a deluge of tributes.

Real Juice Body Purging

Are “detox” diets good for your health? Probably not! NBC news, armed with “nutritional” and scientific facts, says the benefits of such diets, so popular with purists, are nothing but a myth. 

Spirit-Free: A Growing Trend

A massive social movement, from Paris to New York, from Denmark to South Africa, alcohol-free cocktails and parties are all the rage. A new market is springing up for alcohol-free “spirits” ... This article provides a summary of this emerging Canada Dry story.

Enter Night: Metal Brew

The brewer’s craft, a sacred art that was the preserve of women in ancient Mesopotamia, and later became a particularly “monastic” speciality, has been spreading widely, over the last few centuries, through the most secular strata of modern societies. This time, the profession seems to be attracting a celebrity following. Metallica, the well-known band, has brought to the market a brand of beer with a design that’s a tad demonic: “Enter Night.” Will the beers be distributed during the legendary metal band’s concerts? We’re currently in the dark.

The World’s Biggest Wine Fair

“Wine Paris” is the brand new trade fair for the wine market, and will be opening soon in Paris (around mid-February this year). It is being touted as the top international meeting of wine industry professionals, with more than 2,000 exhibitors and an estimated 25,000 visitors, more than a third of whom are thought to be coming from abroad.

Wine, to infinity and beyond ...

Wine on Mars? That would be putting a (very, very big) cart before the horse, wouldn’t you say? However, for some years, the colonization of the Red Planet in all its forms, especially Elon Musk’s SpaceX project, has been a hot topic. Even if human beings can survive the extreme temperatures of the frozen deserts, achieving self-sufficiency in food production is still a priority. It seems that, before considering the need to feed themselves, even in the confines of space, humans are haunted by a particular throat-parching thirst. There is good news though; this selection of articles tells us that it appears to be “scientifically” possible to produce wine on Mars.

Alcohol Crypto-Campaigns Targeting Minors on Social Media

As everyone knows, for decades now advertising that promotes alcohol and tobacco sales has been strictly regulated; there are severe consequences for those who break the rules, especially when such campaigns target, directly or indirectly, the younger members of our society. From the dawn of the internet, digital communication seems to have been forging its own path. “Influencers,” who sometimes have more than 100,000 followers – and who are often, themselves, underage – have been solicited by big brands to spread messages promoting alcohol online, entirely illegally.

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