Selected Digest – February 2019

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February 2019: The Best of the beverage industry.

France still in First Place for Wine, Egypt’s Grands Crus rediscovered!, Brexit and the scottish whisky industry, the coffee initiative in Kenya, and the latest news from the world of drinks ... B. B. Modi Fratacci Djibouti offers you a round-up of the best articles from the specialist media every month.

France: Still in First Place for Wine

Despite increasingly tough competition in the wine market, French producers are still holding on to the top place on the podium.

Egypt’s Grands Crus ... Rediscovered!

Recent archaeological digs on Egypt’s northern coast have uncovered ancient wine-producing facilities dating back to the times of Ptolemy. This region, Beheira, in ancient times, was known for producing the finest wines in Egypt.

Independence Coffee

An excellent Kenyan initiative is allowing women to create and manage their own earnings. An “agrarian” revolution, which is slowly but surely overturning an outdated social system.

A Coffee Country That’s Not So in Vogue ...

In this article, the magazine Vogue discusses countries that take their tea- and coffee-based drinks very seriously ... Of note, according to the article are Brazil, Portugal, and Australia ... Ethiopia, the origin of the most famous of drinks, where the traditional ceremony of coffee is taken very very seriously, seems to have been forgotten rather quickly ...

Scotland and Its Whisky, for Europe’s Sake ...

Between uncertainty concerning their new status, the loss of clear advantages, and the very likely customs problems that Brexit is going to cause, Scottish whisky producers have plenty of reasons to worry.

From the Languedoc Spring to the United Kingdom

The English and the south of France ... it’s a long-lasting love affair. What would Nice be without its “Promenade des Anglais”? In order to give a boost to one of the biggest wine-producing regions in the world, the organizers of “Printemps du Languedoc” hope a promotion will attract independent British retailers. The winner will receive a trip for two to Provence, of course.

Can Hangovers Be Avoided?

There seem to be a fair few “miracle” remedies for avoiding a “pounding head” in the early hours, or at least to ease the effects of one ... According to this study, it seems the only method worth bothering with if you really want to avoid a morning hangover is moderation ...

It’s 45°? Then It’s Free!

A bar owner in southern Australia is offering his customers a heat-based happy hour. When temperatures hit 42°, beers are sold at a third of their usual price ... And if the mercury climbs to 45°, drinks are free (for ten minutes). Someone else who doesn’t seriously believe in global warming!


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