Selected Digest – April 2019

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April 2019: The Best of the beverage industry.

Dirty water in USA, the mental power of a cup of coffee, a meal of beer, drinking only fruit juice can cause serious brain damage, the end of the swiss dream, Evian and the sustainable drinking water...

Drinking Water and the USA: Divorce Is on the Cards

There are 63 million Americans living without drinking water. This is a major health issue for one of the world’s largest economic powers. Contaminated water scandals in the US are continually making a splash in the media ... While the country used to have the purest ground water on the planet, intensive industrialization, uncontrolled mine boring, and serious negligence of public health will soon cause a water catastrophe worthy of a blockbuster survival movie.


Time and time again it has been shown that drinking coffee regularly (without overdoing it) is good for body and mind. However, this beverage, originating from the high plateaus of Ethiopia, apparently possesses near telepathic qualities. A scientific study has recently shown that the mere thought of drinking a cup of coffee gives us special cerebral aptitudes ...

A Meal of Beer

Do you remember Del Hall? The American from Ohio decided to undertake a rather unusual fast, one that involved 46 days of drinking and getting nutrients from nothing but ... beer! Reviving an ancient monastic tradition, this somewhat idiosyncratic fast turned out pretty well for our subject: he is in good health, but even so, he’s lost more than three stone.  He wants to continue following a beer-based (but no longer beer alone) diet to lose weight (before starting his fast he weighed around 20 stone). His “hoppy” diet has also enabled him to lower his cholesterol and his blood pressure.

Fruit Juice: To Be Consumed Only in Moderation

If Del Hall has proved that “eating” beer for more than 40 days isn’t excessively bad for your health, you might think that a solely fruit-juice-based diet would be even better for your body. Well, you can think again! A woman consumed nothing but fresh fruit juice for 21 days ... and suffered serious brain damage.

In Vivino Veritas.

Are you familiar with the app Vivino? Your inner wine buff won’t be able to do without it. This app, which already has more than 35 million users, is the tool that will enable you to get to know the best vintages on the planet and, above all, to know their exact market value.

The End of the Swiss Dream

Those who lived through the time of the Cold War in Europe are not unaware that the Swiss developed a very advanced “post-nuclear” plan. First and foremost, there was nuclear bunker space for everyone, adequately stocked with essential supplies, including that absolute must-have, coffee. It seems that time is past (or habits have changed), in any case, the beverage will no longer be included in survival kits, even after a climate cataclysm. Never mind, we now have the scientifically measurable proof that all we need to do is think of drinking a coffee to enjoy the beneficial fallout ...

Fruit Juice with Animal Extracts

Now we’ve seen it all ... being vegan is a lifestyle choice that deserves respect. However, you don’t need to be a strict vegetarian to appreciate fruit juice or to find it unacceptable that some manufacturers are developing “fruit juice” formulas using extracts from animals (dead ones, of course).

Fresh Fruit Sugar Content Is Good!

Not a day passes without us being told about the health hazards related to sugar and, often contradictory, information about the “sugar” content of fruit. What must be kept in mind is that anything that comes from nature (and is edible) is fundamentally better than an industrially processed product.

Evian, the Sustainable Drinking Water

Still mineral water has, apart from a few exceptions, always been sold in plastic containers. Although it is an economical solution, plastic is a real ecological problem. However, Evian has performed a double whammy with its new collapsible “bubble.” Holding an initial quantity of five litres, the recyclable “bubble” contracts until it “weighs” (in terms of plastic) half as much as a 1.5 litre bottle! It remains to be seen whether this industrial good deed will be able to reduce the 13 million tonnes of plastic endlessly polluting the ocean depths.


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